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2305 12th Ave. S.; Nashville, TN 37204
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Art & Soul Membership

Art & Soul is supported spiritually and financially by Art & Soul members.

As a member, you may use the studio for creative adventures anytime special events or classes are not being held, and you may bring guests at a special rate. You will have a voice in the operation and vision of the studio, and your ideas and gifts will have a place to manifest and bloom.

Are you ready to join this juicy group of creative and heartful people? Please contact us or call 615-460-1161 for more information.

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Meet Some of Our Members


We are a community of people committed to the evolution and sustenance of a studio space that will provide an environment for artistic and spiritual exploration and growth for ourselves and for the community at large.


We intend to create a safe, spacious and inviting environment where light, love and art show up on a regular basis.


Founding members: all who signed membership agreement before Nov. 7, 2001.
Pre-requisite: You must have taken at least one class or workshop at Art & Soul.


  • Supporting Membership: $65 payment made to bookkeeper no later than 20th of each month (late charge of $10 if received past the 20th).
  • $65 one-time joining fee for new members.
  • Friend of Art & Soul: one time donation of any amount (no membership benefits other than the joy of giving).


  • Access to studio space for personal use
  • Key to studio
  • 15% discount on all Art and Soul classes for Supporting Members
  • Founding members receive 5% discount if membership becomes inactive
  • Members may bring guests to studio with minimal fee of $5 per visit plus $5 per person if studio materials are used.
  • Play Days, Field Trips and other Special Events organized by the Events Committee
  • Inclusion in annual Open House and Art Show
  • Link to your website from our members' page
  • Inclusion in our social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter)
  • May check out books from the Art & Soul library for a two-week period
Artists in class Gallery exhibit
As a member of Art & Soul, I have the key to a magical gate that leads into a garden where my artist self is nourished, warmed, blooming and alive. My fellow artists, and the wide open studio space, provide me safety and encouragement to wander, wonder and grow. –Kelly Falzone, Art & Soul student

Art & Soul is a non-profit arts corporation. We are a studio and a cooperative community. We make art and offer classes and workshops in a welcoming and inclusive space. Your donation to help support this endeavor is most appreciated. Contributions are not tax deductible.




  • Gatherings on a more or less monthly basis are organized by the Events Committee (poetry nights, movie nights, art and music presentations, field trips to the Frist, etc.)


  • The Board of Directors meets once a month to handle business and other issues.
  • Members are welcome to attend Art & Soul board meetings.
  • Board of Directors membership is voted on annually at the November members' meeting.

Our current Board of Directors:

Lisa Binder and Pat Halper, Co-Presidents
Donna Talv Lewis, Treasurer
Susie Garland, Deanie French, Bill Northrup, & Karen Carter, Board Members
Arunima Orr, Teacher and Advisor

For more information about membership, please contact us or call 615-460-1161.